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Welcome to our English speaking Workshop on CONSCIOUS PARTNERING.

  • Date:22-05-2021 14:00
  • Location Online Event


Welcome to our English speaking Workshop on CONSCIOUS PARTNERING.

✅ Namaste my dear friends, 

Thank you very much for your interest in our 2-hour workshop on CONSCIOUS PARTNERING facilitated by Ankur Nag and Bell Tran. We would like to invite you to come and join us to expand your new perspectives on Conscious Partnership.

🌹Are you longing for true partnership? 

What happens when you meet your life partner through a healing journey? 

How to recognize her or him? 

How to resolve any professional or personal conflicts? 

☘️Ankur and Bell will share their healing journey and how they overcome their own fear, trauma, conditioning, or shadows to create their “healing melody” with joy, love, authentic communication, and collaboration to build a beautiful conscious partnership. They will show you how they use different healing modalities as their daily tools to connect and build a beautiful CONSCIOUS PARTNERSHIP.


In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to discover:

✅ What is Conscious Partnership?

✅ Come and experience your own mini-constellations in a group setting

✅ Have the opportunity to participate in creating constellations, and heal their own through law of resonance. 

✅ You will have an opportunity to discover your own patterns in partnering. 

✅ Learn how to communicate with your partner through music and embodiment

✅ Identify your hidden blockages to build a conscious partnership

✅ Experience how movie meditation can boost your self-awareness and enhance your conscious partnership

✅ Connect with your inner world 

✅ Networking and make new friends 

☘️What is Systemic & Family Constellations?

Systemic & family constellations is a simple however powerful modality that often helps reveal obstacles, limitations and entanglements that may stop us from living the life we want.

Family Constellations explore how deep forces in our family systems, sometimes over multiple generations, can influence our thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences. Tapping into a “knowing field” that surrounds each family allows you and volunteer representatives to explore this living phenomenon.

We welcome your registration. 

🌹Important reminders for a smooth and fulfilling experience when you attend this workshop:

- Please BE PRESENT on time

- commit 100% energy, time and attention

- be open and receive information 

- be willing to be healed

- keep all information revealed in the session as confidential, and not share or discuss with other any names, or details of the session

- have access to high-speed internet throughout the session

- turn on the camera during the entire session

- have a sound system (speakers, headphones, microphone) ready to participate in role-play or give opinions, answer support for the session).

☘️Date: Saturday, May 22, 2021


12:00-14:00 (Indian time)

13:30-15:30 (Vietnam time)

16:30-18:30 (Sydney time)

  8:30-10:30 (Berlin time)

✅ Ankur Nag is a Family Constellations Facilitator, Past Life Regression Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master. He is a corporate coach, and found spirituality to be his real passion. He has facilitated many Past Life Regression and Family Constellations online and offline.

Bell Tran is an Executive Coach, Life Coach, Certified NLP Master Coach, and Family Constellation Facilitator. She has touched many lives through her training,  group and individual coaching and healing session using her unique musical talent combined with photo-therapy, cinematography, and a passion to serve others to live in authenticity, happiness, love and in their true potential. She has 

🌹For any question, pls contact us: 


1. Ankur: 

+(91) 98112 80864 (whatsapp, zalo)

+(84)  7770 80864 (phone)

2. Bell: 

+(91) 96678 05136 (whatsapp) 

+(84)  9838 01173 (phone, zalo...)

🙏🏻 Wishing you a fulfilling journey to discover a new perspective for your conscious partnership.