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“Know yourself, and you will know the Universe” – Christiane Muller. 

Bell Tran believes that life is a journey of the soul to develop our qualities and virtues, to become a better version of ourselves, and an “angel on the earth” for one another each and every day.


Bell is a trainer, coach, speaker, musician, and therapist with over 17 years in Education and Training industry. Finding her true calling to make a difference in other people’s lives, she has trained, coached, served and inspired many people from individuals, professionals to organizations in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and India to discover their strengths, awaken their potentials and motivate them to make real transformation. Her knowledge, skills, devotion and passion have enabled her to conduct very interactive, experiential, impactful and effective training programs.

Bell earns a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Investment and Banking from University of Wisconsin - Madison, with a MBA in International Business from Asian Institute of Technology and Master of Management at Ecole Superieur de Commerce - Paris, along with her true appreciation for different cultures and wide spread perspectives thanks to her experiences living, working, and travelling in more than 20 countries from Asia, Europe to America.

She is also a Certified Master Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), Certified Professional Trainer (UK), Certified Hypnotherapist (ABH-NLP), Certified Timeline Therapist (Time Line Therapy™ Association), Bazi Mastery Practitioner, Points of You® Practitioner, Inner Child Therapist and Past Life Therapist.


“When you pray, move your feet” – African Proverb.

Bell believes in marrying “spirit and matter”, modern science and metaphysics. She has a unique way to deliver her programs combining conventional frameworks with creative tools such as interactive exercises, music, movies, mindfulness activities, meditation and POINTS OF YOU® coaching game along with her own humor, dynamism and sincerity to touch on a wide range of topics, from Communication Skills, Art of Influence and Negotiation, Power of Mindful Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Increase Productivity with Emotional Well-being & Energy Management, Creative Tools for HR Recruitment, Understanding Emotional Intelligence, to Money and Spirituality, Creativity through Music, Enhance Your Abundance Consciousness, Conscious Parenting, Inner Child Healing, Heal Your Past – Change Your Life, Awaken Your Potentials with Bazi (Date of Birth).

Through her unique musical talent, and her compassion to serve humanity, Bell can touch people’s heart, awaken their inner love, inner peace, authenticity, and help everyone transform their life with concrete actions, while connect with their soul to live a fulfilling life in true abundance.